SeoPublicist Frequently Asked Questions:

We build a website portfolio for our own investments long term and we also build, develop and rank our own affiliate and Adsense sites for profits at Another reason being, we are also starting a new marketplace service of full developed websites for immediate purchase. So in a nutshell, we don’t bite more then we can chew. We like our pace and enjoy our unique work standards.

We have over 12 years of experience in web development and our combined team experience with Google Adsense website development started in December 2006 to be specific. So our development foundation won’t get you banned from Google because of our malpractice or overall techniques.More importantly, our keyword research and SEO is conducted with the finest tools in the SEO industry, in which we currently pay over $340 per month for our main tools of Ahrefs, SemRush, Moz, LongTail Pro and MajesticSeo to name just a few that are recurrent. So you won’t get crappy content or worthless keyword research. You’ll get the very best research money and expertise through years of combined expertise can actually buy, for your particular SEO needs.

Yes you can, an order of 3 or more websites will get you a discount. Contact me for details, it’s the best way of ensuring you get the best deal if you’re intending to order 3 or more packages.

Yes there is! We offer a fair 30 day money back guaranteed for any Authority Site Development package at the moment. All other services don’t have a money back as they’re done deal services. For the Connoisseur Package, if for the rare reason you’re not satisfied, a refund will be given once you transfer us the domain name to our registrar. As a courtesy, we’ll also pay domain transfer fees if for the rare reason we can’t reach an alternate agreement with you.

Turn around is 14 days maximum. Often you’ll get your website in 7-10 biz day, all depends current log. We will update you consistently to the email in your paypal account.

All our web development packages have 12 months of web hosting in our VPS account from HostGator. You’ll get a reliable and fast website loading experience, Cpanel administration and login details once we’ve created your package. Paying $8-$15 per month for hosting is entirely optional if you’re ordering any of our web design packages or authority site packages as we include hosting for 12 months as part of these services. After 12 months you can stay with us for $5 per month or we can transfer your entire website to your own hosting service free of charge as a client courtesy.

Nobody can put a day or give you an exact amount. Many factors just come into place here. To be even more transparent, as you may also agree you’re responsible for your own success.However, a 3-6 month timeframe with a brand new domain name is a realistic estimate to see consistent income based on our experience. Just being real here. We have absolutely no need to give you false hopes. These are standard timeframes from those of us in the know-how.