The Most Comprehensive Keyword Research Reports For Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate Sites or Custom Authority Niches Is Here!

We will run multiple software on keyword research, perform manual searches on, analyze a pool of keywords for a chosen market (or one you select or want) and both me and my keyword research expert will conclude in the most desirable, keyword rich, easy to rank, LSI keywords your latest online investment. It’s that simple.

We have the best keyword research tools at our disposal. We pay over $340 per month on research tools every month for our own websites and for our clients. Our favorite tools being Ahrefs, and MajesticSeo. Our research reports will bring details of which domain name to buy, to a complete analysis of the best keywords to rank according to Ahrefs and MajesticSeo Competitive Analysis.

It is not the typical $5 report being sold in bulk, extensive manual work is involved as both me and my partner study and analyze the best option for your Amazon affiliate website, Adsense website, ClickBank new business or any online marketing niche start up you instigate.

This service, like the “Amazon” and “Custom” research service we provide is not for everyone. We stand by our elite services that greatly improve your chances of getting viewed in Google, so profound time is invested for your website success. Choose wisely. We have multiple options to select from and enjoy for your latest or newest project.

Instead of targeting one, two or long tail keywords for gathering clicks in the least possible time we go for specific, ready-to-buy keywords.that people look for in Amazon for immediate purchase or that, to the very least, have high probabilities of a purchase.

This Amazon keyword research is for ready to buy keywords exclusively for Amazon affiliate websites. A report that’s slightly different then the keywords usually given from the traditional “Google Adsense Report” as the focus is aimed at keywords where there’s a “buying” willingness from the prospect or an in-demand need for information. Makes a ton of a difference.

It is a custom report. Therefore, you pick the niche and we deliver you a comprehensive keyword report based on your desired industry, niche, sub-niche or micro-niche market. The more specific you are for your project, the more targeted and laser focused your keywords will be for acquiring either clicks, affiliate sales, leads or instant sales for your product or service.

Our research strengths are in overall analysis for websites involving; Google Adsense, ClickBank, Amazon, General Blogging and e-Commerce. Take advantage of a custom report combining a single request or multiple request. That’s why we’ve made available this option.

Go wide for a single project for a site with multiple streams of income or just expand through one single website research that requires more research than the Adsense or Amazon comprehensive keyword research report available through our services.



  • 20 LSI Keywords
  • CPC Between $1-$2
  • Buyers’ Market Keywords
  • Keyword Competitiveness Report With Google
  • Easy Page 1 Rankings Keywords
  • Majestic & Ahrfs Reports On Top 10 Google Competitors



  • 20 LSI Keywords
  • Comprehensive Report
  • 90%+ Positive Reviews
  • Products Price of $100+
  • Easy Page 1 Rankings Keywords
  • Majestic & Ahrfs Reports On Top 10 Google Competitors

Custom Project


  • Select Your Niche
  • 20 LSI Keywords
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Majestic & Ahrfs Reports On Top 10 Google Competitors
  • Easy Page 1 Rankings Keywords
  • Buyers’ Market Keywords or Popular, High Traffic Keywords

Our Working Process

Everything is a design process with our team. Custom design a premium theme, create content that adds value to your market audience, optimize your website to the best of our years of combined experience and deliver you an excellent product on time or money back. The devil is in the detail so they say, we really take care of you by only doing limited packages a month.

Planning & Strategy

We take our time with our foundation. Planning and selecting the best niche or design for your new website is a teamwork delivery with us. It is one of the most important phases and you’ll get the very best of us. Don’t trust us, try us risk free with our “Connoisseur Package” 30 day money back guarantee.

Design & Develop

Be it Wordpress or HTML, you’ll get the latest technology integrated in your website. Fully licensed designs and where applicable, images that are royalty free. You won’t ever run into legal issues with our services.

Test & Deliver

We verify and make sure your complete website is complete. Attention to details makes the difference here. We rarely need to revise our end product, therefore, expect delivery of your product on time and fully revised.

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