Our Unique Selling Proposition Explained

by / Tuesday, 10 November 2015 / Published in Latest posts

Our Very Unique Selling Proposition
Thanks for taking a look at our services and what we can offer you. As a starting company and overall marketing service through great content publishing, ideal website design structure and the combination of correct SEO elements I, Francisco Lesbo, would love to do business with a selective group of small businesses. Since I am in charge of creating content that’ll build your website image and entertain in informative ways, my personal writing time is for a selective amount of clients. My partner will take care of designs and I’ll take care of content and image build up of your site through content and the overall structure of it. A pretty sweet operation we have going here for everyone that gets in with us. All with the purpose to retaining as many clients as possible.

Our web development service is an art for my us. The prices you see here are an introduction, to hopefully get awesome testimonials with the idea of acquiring enough fans busy on productive work and eventually increasing our prices to continue working with a small group of picky clients. Customizing wordpress themes and targeting them as best as possible to your micro niche market with the correct foundation from the very beginning is our starting objective once we get all your ordering details and exchange the required details according to your offer.

Feel free to call me Mr. Publicist from now on, “Francisco” or “Francis” as I shortly like to remind people of me isn’t as easy or brandable as Mister Publicist online. I’m thinking long term here with selective group of clients. You can leave a comment and also say hello at: or call me directly at my toll free number or UK line. The UK line will just be a forward to my local rented office space here.

Important facts for all my clients that you should know before and after our starting relationship:

– If I accept your order and I don’t refund you, your order has been accepted and all applicable TAT procedures begin the moment
we get every single detail from your end. Very important as I credit and even give full refunds after two days of being late to compensate our customers for the small imperfection

– Our website foundation is excellent, these sites get results. We don’t like to brag like some sellers do with statements as it often misleads new
customers and those without much experience. In other words, us showing you we’ve made $1,978 last month of October from our latest tested Adsense niche site won’t be proof that you can do the same. It might increase our sales, but we’re confident our work experience and keen eye to detail would make a major difference for those who work with us.

– We will only work with 4 websites a week for now. Why not outsource if you getting a flood of sales you may ask? As the operation management head of and PMP fan, slow and steady wins the race with a start-up. We like and understand our pace rhythm.

Just a few details on us I personally think you’ll be interested before we possibly start. We will post updates to the blog from time to time. However, with complete transparency as always, don’t expect us to post unrelated and irrelevant stuff that won’t do of any good or become of any use to anyone as this a service operation, not a daily entertainment niche blog. We will only post content that may directly relate to our service and our offers. No crappy blog posts and fill up of words that won’t add value to any of us short or long term. For training purposes, our private newsletter, so please make sure to subscribe to the newsletter.

That’s it for now. Take the next step and order any of our packages if you understand the value we already offer, if not, feel free to call us or reach us through any of the means available. Thanks for considering us!